Novel Name : Heart Stealer Young Master Bo

Heart Stealer Young Master Bo Chapter 801: Bo yunqin, the younger cousin of Bo Yicheng

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Chapter 801: Bo yunqin, the younger cousin of Bo Yicheng

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Bo Yucheng had originally wanted to go easy on the girl.

However, the reward was too tempting, so he used the fastest time to break into her firewall, just like breaking into her heart…

“I’m not convinced!” Shi qinglan stood up.

She pulled at her hair angrily, how did you do it so quickly! I’ve never seen anyone so fast!”

Seeing his dainty wife, he exploded.

Bo Yucheng gently pulled her into his arms, if you’re not more powerful than our sister LAN, how can you be worthy of marrying her? ”

“You …” Shi qinglan’s fair cheeks puffed up slightly.

She furrowed her brows and pondered. Her firewall hadn’t been broken for so many years, so why couldn’t it be broken when it came to this man?

Shi qinglan sat back in front of her computer and pushed it to the man. teach me how to build a stronger firewall.

“You’re already very powerful.” He rubbed her head.

The entire hacker world respected this hacker S as the king, because her programming skills had once amazed the entire circle!

Countless people had tried to break through her firewall, but they had failed repeatedly. Everyone wanted to imitate her programming, but they couldn’t even learn half of it… She was very powerful.

However, he should have been more powerful than her.

Otherwise, how could he protect the girl he loved?

“I don’t care! You teach me! Tell me, how did you break it just now?” Shi qinglan’s desire to win rose.

She looked at her own programming code in confusion.

Although she only used two and a half minutes, all the codes were correct, and the logic used was very rigorous. This was her level, and currently represented the highest level in the world …

“Lan Lan, it’s time to sleep.” Bo Li Cheng lowered his eyes to look at her.

She had performed so many surgeries today, crashed into LAN xinxiao’s house with her car, and even went to the police station to do this. It was not too much for her to study this programming all night long…

Shi qinglan pouted her red lips, then you can teach me tomorrow.

“Sleep first.” Bo Yucheng pulled her into his arms and lowered his head to gently touch her forehead, have you forgotten what the punishment is? ”

Upon hearing this, Shi qinglan’s ears turned red instantly!

When she promised the man, she didn’t think that she would lose. She had been a Big Boss for her whole life, and this was the first time she lost…

“Just… What happened just now didn’t count!” She wanted to go back on her word.

However, Bo Li Cheng directly pressed her under him, gently rubbing his ear against hers. Lan Lan, you have no say in this.

As soon as his voice fell, he directly leaned over.

Fortunately, LAN Chu had already left the intensive care unit.

Shi qinglan’s operation on her was very successful and saved her from the jaws of death. The hospital had also strengthened all the security systems to ensure that no one would ever trespass into her Ward again.

Bo chengru’s 70th birthday was also approaching as scheduled.

“I told Grandpa that I won’t be riding today.” Bo Zhicheng’s brows furrowed slightly as he lowered his eyes to look at the girl with some worry.

Shi qinglan raised her eyes and looked at him. why? My knee was only scratched a little, but it’s completely healed now!”

She gently lifted the hem of her silk nightdress.

It revealed her smooth and fair calf, and then her knee. There was no trace of a scratch.

“The rope is strangling my hand.” Bo Yucheng held her hand.

Shi qinglan was so angry that she almost laughed, ah-Cheng, I’m not a porcelain doll. It’s really okay. Besides, I want to ride it.

No matter how much she said, it was not worth it when she said she wanted to ride.

Bo Yicheng’s heart couldn’t help but waver, you really want to?”

“Of course, I haven’t ridden a horse in a long time. Didn’t you take me there last time in A land? And didn’t you say you’d bring me out to relax?” Shi qinglan raised her head in dissatisfaction.

Besides, he couldn’t be a killjoy at Grandpa Bo’s birthday party.

Seeing that the girl seemed to be a little unhappy, Bo Yucheng held her hand and squeezed it lightly, since you’re riding a horse, then ride it, but you must ensure your safety.

“Alright,” he said. Shi qinglan’s Red lips curved up slightly.

She stood on her tiptoes and pecked the man’s cheek, then winked at him. then I’ll go and change into a riding suit!

As soon as her voice fell, she flew away like a little butterfly.

At the same time, in the villa of the Bo financial magnate.

Bo chengru sat on the sofa and looked at the message he had received on WeChat with his mouth wide open, you young people really know how to play. You can send a message by typing a few lines on WeChat. Girl LAN even gave me her blessing on my birthday. It’s good to have a granddaughter-in-law…

“Grandpa! What’s so good about that Shi qinglan?”

The young man pouted in dissatisfaction. He sat down unhappily, crossed his legs, and threw a grape into his mouth.

He grumbled,” 1 don’t know what kind of magic potion this Vixen gave big brother Cheng, to actually make my big brother Cheng get married early at such a young age! Is she worthy of my big brother Cheng!”

“Bo yunqin!” Bo chengru’s face instantly turned serious.

He looked at Bo yunqin angrily. I personally picked this granddaughter-in-law! I’m very satisfied with little LAN. You’re not allowed to say such slanderous words about your sister-in-law again!”

Upon hearing this, Bo yunqin’s little face fell instantly.

He bit the grape skin in his mouth unhappily. Grandpa, even you have been bewitched by her! You don’t even know what kind of person she is! She’s not as good as you guys think!”

Bo chengru’s beard curled up in anger.

“You little brat! We don’t know, but you do? Ah-Cheng is with that girl LAN every day. Do you think your brother can’t see through people?” He looked at Bo yunqin in annoyance.

She reached out and poked his forehead, you haven’t even seen her before! Why are you so hostile to her?”

“I just can’t bear to see sister Zijin sad …”

Bo yunqin mumbled in dissatisfaction, spitting the grape skin on the toilet paper and throwing it into the trash can.

“What did you just say?” Bo chengru did not hear him clearly.

Bo yunqin’s eyes flickered slightly, and he looked away guiltily, nothing, I didn’t say anything!

Although he was determined to stand on sister Zijin’s side.

But no matter what, his cousin, Bo Xincheng, was already married. He could not simply expose sister Zijin. Otherwise, it would not be good if he was misunderstood as a third party who had interfered in the marriage …

His sister Zijin would not be that kind of person!

“Ah-Cheng is about to bring the LAN girl over, so don’t give me that long face! Your sister-in-law is pretty, has good grades, can play the zither, and has good medical skills. She’s better than you in every way!”

Bo chengru lectured the brat, later, call her sister-in-law! You’re not allowed to embarrass my precious granddaughter-in-law, or I’ll throw you back to continent s!”

“I know, I know,” Bo yunqin replied impatiently.

How beautiful could she be? weren’t the photos posted on the internet all edited? she might not be that ugly in real life ….

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