Novel Name : My Cultivation Prowess Peaks after I Buried the Great Emperor’s Corpse

My Cultivation Prowess Peaks after I Buried the Great Emperor’s Corpse Chapter 620: Black Against Black, Sage King Hongtian!

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Chapter 620: Black Against Black, Sage King Hongtian!

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Since the Sage Spirit Secret Realm was covered by Thousand ATile River-Mountain Painting, the unparalleled power blocked all senses from the outside world.

Therefore, Zhao Yuanzheng no longer had any misgivings.


Just as the funeral procession was about to head toward the designated cemetery, Zhao Yuanzheng suddenly took a step forward and appeared in the air.


He raised his hand towards a divine mountain in the distance and struck out fiercely. The powerful force shattered the divine mountain, and the Sage’s tomb on it was also razed to the ground. The ancient tomb hidden underground was revealed.

“D*mmit, what are you doing?”

Everything happened in an instant.

Seeing Zhao Yuanzheng’s sudden actions, the spirit guide at the front of the crowd was shocked.

Then, he questioned Zhao Yuanzheng in the air.

Similarly, when the group of Qinglong Ancient Kingdom descendants in the funeral procession saw Zhao Yuanzheng shatter a Sage’s tomb with a single palm, they glared at him furiously.

However, Zhao Yuanzheng paid no heed to their shock and anger.

“Can’t you see that I’m digging up the Qinglong Ancient Kingdom’s ancestral graves? We are grave robbers, after all.”

His calm voice resounded in everyone’s ears.

What? Grave robbers?


Just as everyone was in shock, Zhao Yuanzheng stretched out his hand in the air. Powerful Sage-realm power instantly transformed into a huge palm that covered the sky and grabbed all members of the funeral procession.

“Everything is over. In your next life, reincarnate into a good family.”


Under the terrified gazes of the crowd, Zhao Yuanzheng clenched his fist.

Everyone was crushed and their bodies turned into a bloody mist.

“Youwei, go to the second and third levels of the Sage Spirit Secret Realm and collect the treasures there. At the same time, kill all the old things that are hibernating on the third level. I’ll stay on the first level and dig graves.”

Zhao Yuanzheng instructed Zhao Youwei and the others.

“Yes, Third Uncle!”

Hearing this, Zhao Youwei did not hesitate. He immediately brought the four level 8 Sages with him and quickly rushed to the second level.

After they left, Zhao Yuanzheng looked at the other divine mountains in the secret realm.

Then, step by step, he walked over.


As the giant hand descended, the divine mountains were forcefully shattered by him. The Sage tombs on them were forcefully flattened.

“Tsk, tsk… The people from the Grave Robber Alliance are too violent. Not only do they dig up other people’s graves, but they even destroy the whole place.”

In the darkness, The Mad Daoist clicked his tongue and sighed.

Zhao Yuanzheng’s way of doing things was much more violent than theirs.

“Brother Ren, there’s no time to lose. Let’s make a move too.”

Qin Daofu sent a voice transmission.

Hearing this, Lin Wudao nodded.

“You and the Mad Daoist go to the lower two levels of the Sage Spirit Secret Realm and deal with Zhao Youwei and the others. Leave this place to me!” “Alright!”

Qin Daofu excitedly rubbed his palms together.

With that, He and the Mad Daoist disappeared in a flash, following Zhao Youwei and the others closely.

After they left, Lin Wudao turned his attention to Zhao Yuanzheng, who was digging a grave in the distance.


Hiding in the darkness, he quietly arrived at a divine mountain.

Then, he raised his hand and ruthlessly pressed down on Zhao Yuanzheng.


Lin Wudao’s palm was powerful. With the support of the Great Dao Supreme Body, the power could be said to be ferocious.

Moreover, he was hiding in the dark, which gave him the upper hand.

However, as a member of the Grave Robber Alliance, Zhao Yuanzhen was in various dangerous tombs all year round. He was extremely sensitive to danger. Whoosh!

Just as Lin Wudao’s palm pressed down, he seemed to have sensed danger in advance and instantly disappeared from where he was.

As a result, the ferocious palm pierced through the divine mountain instead.

“Which brat dares to sneak attack me?”

Zhao Yuanzheng stood in the air, his cold and ferocious eyes sweeping across the ten directions of the secret realm. His powerful aura as a level 10 Sage was even more prominent.

“Eh, I didn’t kill you with one palm strike? Looks like the members of the Grave Robber Alliance are indeed quite capable.”

A calm voice slowly sounded.


Hearing this, Zhao Yuanzheng’s expression instantly changed, and his heart trembled.

He didn’t expect that other than them, there were others hiding in the Sage Spirit Secret Realm. The other party had even seen through his identity and background.

It was apparent that he had probably bumped into someone in the same industry.

“Since you’re here, why don’t you show yourself? Our meeting is fate. There are many treasures in the Sage Spirit Secret Realm, so why don’t we sit down and negotiate? We can divide the treasures here equally and become friends,” Zhao Yuanzheng said in a deep voice.

As he spoke, he was secretly making preparations.

However, Lin Wudao did not agree with his suggestion.

“What a joke. If I kill you, the treasures here will be mine. Pure Land of the Heavens!”


The moment the voice sounded, a mysterious power suddenly descended and forcefully suppressed Zhao Yuanzheng’s cultivation by a major realm. He had fallen from a level 10 Sage to a level 10 Divine King.

“D*mn it! My cultivation… What kind of power is this?”

With his cultivation suppressed by a major realm, Zhao Yuanzheng could no longer maintain his composure. His originally resolute face revealed an intense panic.

Still, even though he was shocked by Lin Wudao’s heaven-defying methods, Zhao Yuanzheng was a knowledgeable man and thus did not panic.


Just as Lin Wudao’s terrifying hand was about to land from the sky, he suddenly crushed a jade talisman.

Following this, an incomparably sharp sword light shot into the sky, carrying an extremely vast and shocking power, destroying Lin Wudao’s attack.

Moreover, after destroying the giant hand, the sword light slashed where Lin Wudao was at lightning speed.


The sword light tore through the void of the Sage Spirit Secret Realm, revealing Lin Wudao’s figure.

After that powerful sword light, a vast divine light rose behind Zhao Yuanzheng.

Immediately after, a phantom emerged.

It was an old man in red. Just by standing in the air with his hands behind his back, he gave off a terrifying feeling of indomitable spirit. Sages were as weak as ants in front of him.

“Sage King Hongtian.”

Looking at the powerful figure behind Zhao Yuanzheng, a hint of surprise flashed across Lin Wudao’s eyes.

The red-robed elder was a level 10 Sage King.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re too much. We were here first. The rules of tomb raiding are first come, first served. You can’t break the rules.”

The Sage King’s calm voice came from the void. His words contained the powerful aura of a Sage King.

Heh… Rules?

Lin Wudao scoffed.

“The so-called rules are only for the weak. For a true powerhouse, he is the rule.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Wudao once again used the Pure Lands of the Heavens. The unparalleled power and will suppressed Sage King Hongtian by a major realm.

“Oh? What secret technique is this? To think it can forcefully suppress my strength by a major realm. Even so, I still have the strength of a level 10 Sage. I am not someone you can fight against…”

“Universal Strike!”

Before Sage King Hongtian could finish his sentence, Lin Wudao’s invincible technique greeted him.


As Lin Wudao pointed, a giant finger suddenly appeared in the void.

Then, with monstrous power, the finger stabbed Sage King Hongtian, and the latter’s Sage King Dharmakaya was destroyed.

“Brat, you’re courting death! I’ll remember this! When my Ancient Sage true body descends, I’ll make sure you die without a burial ground!”

The ferocious and furious roar shook the Sage Spirit Secret Realm.

Lin Wudao could feel Sage King Hongtian’s anger, but he did not take this threat to heart.

“An Ancient Sage, huh? I’m looking forward to your arrival. 1 have already prepared a coffin for you…”

With that, Lin Wudao extended his hand and grabbed Zhao Yuanzheng without giving him any chance to resist..

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