Novel Name : The Great Genetic Era

The Great Genetic Era Chapter 1569: Retreat for Advancement

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Chapter 1569: Retreat for Advancement

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When Xu Tui and Shang Long arrived at the cosmic tunnel of Ceres Star, the main force of the Great Xi Clan had just withdrawn from the cosmic tunnel.

Xu Tui, Shang Long, and the others could not understand what the Great Xi Clan was doing.

An expedition?

Currently, they did not find Gu Ji in the team that left the cosmic tunnel just now. However, he could not be sure where Gu Ji was.

“Ullr, you and your two Seven Satellites lightning-type supernatural beings will use your speed advantage to scout the Earth Origin Palace. Attack the Earth Origin Palace and see how the Earth Origin Palace reacts,” Xu Tui ordered.

“Understood.” Ullr did not hesitate. As he received the order, he immediately led his men to the Earth Origin Palace through the cosmic tunnel.

At the same time, they also discovered the people from the Spiritual Race. They were looking around the cosmic tunnel of the Fire Origin Palace. Clearly, they were studying this sudden reconnaissance.

There were 700 to 800 people in the Great Xi Clan stationed in the Earth Origin Palace. However, among the 700 to 800 people, most of them were at the Transmutation Realm.

The losses from the previous conflict were not great. However, during the exploration of the small universe, the Great Xi Clan had lost half of their elites, especially Planetary realm and quasi-planetary realm.

However, it was still not weak.

The main force had come out in full strength. Where were they going when they left the Earth Temple? In less than a minute, Ullr had the results of his reconnaissance—the Earth Origin Palace was empty.

The Great Xi Clan had already retreated from the Earth Origin Palace.

This stunned Xu Tui, Shang Long, and the others. Did the Great Xi Clan take the initiative to retreat from Ceres Star?

“This Gu Ji is very cunning. If they retreat now, we will immediately become passive and bring us immense pressure.” Augustus frowned.

Xu Tui, including many people present, understood what Augustus meant.

Previously, the Muyas, the Spiritual Race, and the Great Xi Clan had an alliance of attack and defense. However, the Great Xi Clan had first betrayed the alliance because of Shang Long’s threat. Later on, when they were in the small universe of the Heavenly Court, they betrayed the alliance with Shang Long and returned to the alliance of the three races.

It was obvious that the two waves of betrayal had greatly weakened the credibility of the Great Xi Clan. When the Muyas were still around, the three races were on each other’s side. He did not expect Xu Tui to break through and kill Dylin. So Gu Ji had a headache.

This was especially so since the origin power of the Earth Origin Palace was not completely within Gu Ji’s control. Although Gu Ji did not know who had it, it would definitely not be in the hands of the Spiritual Race, much less the Muyas. The Muyas had been destroyed.

That could only be in the hands of the Blue Star humans. A sense of crisis came just like that. Gu Ji understood that the next target of the Blue Star humans was definitely the Great Xi Clan, not the Spiritual Race.

Gu Ji understood this very well. The Spiritual Race had 100% control over the

Fire Origin Palace. In that case, there were only two paths in front of the Great Xi Clan. The first was to cooperate with the Blue Star humans and attack the Fire Origin Palace. However, their god father’s revelation had arrived long ago.

He could have a cheap shot or a cheap trick, but he could not brazenly destroy the alliance of the three races in the future. In that case, the Great Xi Clan had only one path left. They would become the target of the Blue Star humans.

It could be foreseen that Gu Ji, who had not mastered most of the Earth Origin Palace’s origin power, could only rely on his own strength to defend the Earth

Origin Palace. The Blue Star humans might even rely on the Earth Origin Palace’s power to counterattack them.

Once that happened, they would have to rely on the support of the Spiritual Race of the Fire Origin Palace if they wanted to resist the Blue Star humans or survive.

Gu Ji could foresee that if the Blue Star humans attacked them, Shui Zhi from the Fire Origin Palace would definitely support them. However, it was hard to say how strong this support was or if it would be in time.

What he could confirm was that in the future, whether the Great Xi Clan could live in the Earth Origin Palace would depend on the Spiritual Race. Then, it was understandable why he had taken such a step.

Previously, the Great Xi Clan had been trapped in a single palace. However, once they retreated, the Great Xi Clan came to life. Even if the Blue Star humans tracked down the secret planet where they were staying, could they gather all their forces to attack?

He definitely could not!

The Spiritual Race, which was still in the Fire Origin Palace, would naturally restrain the Blue Star humans and nail Shang Long to Ceres Star. It had to be said that Gu Ji had made a brilliant move.

“Gu Ji will feel much more comfortable now that he has retreated, but we have to be careful, especially on planets with cosmic tunnel nodes. Currently, any planet with a cosmic tunnel node might not be able to withstand an attack led by the Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse, Gu Ji!” Cai Shaochu reminded them.

“Chase after them, find out their trajectory, and kill them! Keep an eye on them so that they can’t carry out an attack. Gu Ji is very powerful. We can’t kill them easily! However, it will be very difficult for him to kill some of our extremely fast Planetary realm experts.” Xu Tui immediately found the main point. His gaze swept past Ullr and the others.

At the very least, Ullr and the two lightning-type supernatural beings under him could still escape if they fought carefully against a Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse like Gu Ji unless they were surrounded.

Of course, Xu Tui could also play like this.

“But we have to track the whereabouts of the Great Xi Clan first.” Everyone looked at the cosmic tunnel of Ceres Star.

Was there an ambush on the back of the cosmic tunnel? He could only leave this to Shang Long or Xu Tui to test the waters. Three seconds later, the corpse of the captain of the Five Satellites, who had only injected a little of Xu Tui’s Spiritual Mark, was enveloped by his power and thrown out of the cosmic tunnel.

They lost contact almost instantly. There was an ambush outside the cosmic tunnel. It was very likely that a Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse like Gu Ji was leading a team to ambush them.

Of course, even if Gu Ji was leading a team to ambush, it was not impossible to resolve it. If Shang Long, Erera, Ullr, Xu Tui, and the others joined forces and rushed out, they would be able to rush out and fight them.

However, at the cosmic tunnel of the Fire Origin Palace, Chi Jing and the others standing at the entrance of the tunnel made Shang Long’s expression turn extremely ugly.

This time, it was Blue Star’s turn to feel uncomfortable.

If all the main forces of the Blue Star rushed out of the cosmic tunnel and fought Gu Ji, the two sly old foxes of the Spiritual Race, Shui Zhi and Chi Jing, would definitely not let go of such an opportunity.

They would definitely attack with all their might. At that time, without the main force of the Blue Star, they would suffer heavy losses.

He was in a dilemma!

However, if they watched the Great Xi Clan retreat, they would have to be careful on the various planets with cosmic tunnel nodes in the future. It had to be said that Gu Ji’s calculations were very accurate.

Five minutes later, Shang Long’s sword light flew out again to test the waters, but it was still shattered. The ambush was still there.

However, there were no traces of the Great Xi Clan’s main force. Even the traces of the cosmic tunnel had been forcefully interfered with by Gu Ji and could not be tracked. They could only return to the Wood Origin Palace for a meeting.

Similarly, in the Fire Origin Palace, the experts of the Spiritual Race, such as

Shui Zhi, Chi Jing, and the others, were also discussing. The retreat of the Great Xi Clan made the Spiritual Race a lone army. It also brought pressure to the Spiritual Race.

During the exploration of the small universe of the Heavenly Court, the

Spiritual Race had also suffered heavy losses. However, the forces that the Spiritual Race had sent over were the strongest. Furthermore, they had 100% control over the Fire Origin Palace. They had a huge advantage.

“That idiot Gu Ji! Retreating now will only increase the prestige of the Blue Star humans.” Shui Zhi’s trusted aide, a Seven Satellites, scolded.

“Idiot?” Chi Jing sneered when he heard that. “In the position of the Great Xi Clan, this move of retreating in order to advance can be said to be extremely brilliant.”

Lang Heng still wanted to say something, but he was suppressed by Shui Zhi. In terms of strategy, Lang Heng was much worse.

“Chi Jing, I just want to confirm again that with you in control of the Fire Origin Palace, can you completely suppress Shang Long with the power of the Eight Satellites?” Shui Zhi asked.

“Elder, as long as Shang Long dares to attack the Fire Origin Palace, I am confident that I can rely on the power of the Fire Origin Palace to defeat him. I even have the possibility of killing him!” Chi Jing was extremely confident.

“Alright! Since you have the confidence, let’s not care about the Great Xi Clan retreating. Continue to defend the Fire Origin Palace, accumulate strength, and search other small universes.” Shui Zhi made a decision.

After the Great Xi Clan retreated, the Blue Star immediately warned the planets on the Blue Star that had cosmic tunnel nodes.

After an analysis, Cai Shaochu, Augustus, and even Ullr felt that the Great Xi Clan’s strategic retreat was more likely to change their current passive state. Then, they would defend and wait for reinforcements or search for important strategic goals.

They would not do something like massacre the Blue Star. After all, doing that would only expose their location.

However, they still had to give them a reminder. Planets with cosmic nodes had to be prepared for the invasion of powerful enemies at any time. It was the same for Planet Peach, which had just begun a large-scale reconstruction.

The elites of the pioneer raiders who were cultivating upstairs were all prepared to retreat at any time.

The resources mined could only accumulate for three days at most. The fortress at the node of the cosmic tunnel had a full warning. At the same time, they send an elite team to patrol the cosmic tunnel and investigate the possible whereabouts of the Great Xi Clan.

On Ceres Star, Shang Long’s first official lesson to Xu Tui finally happened..

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