Novel Name : Descent of the Demon God

Descent of the Demon God Chapter 244: Epilogue

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Chapter 244: Epilogue

Angel: This is it, guys. 😭 A very short last chapter.

Late at night at the Hundred Thousand Mountains, a middle-aged-looking man that has half of the amount of his hair turned white was acting like a horse and making a pretty five-year-old girl smile.


The child continued to smile and laugh at it. The middle-aged man who saw it smiled brightly. This man was Chun Yujong, the father of Chun Yeowun.

“Grandfather, I feel dizzy.”

After playing like this for quite a while, Chun Yujong looked at the girl and put her down quickly.

“Ryang, are you okay?”

The girl’s name was Chun Hye-ryang. She was the daughter of Chun Yeowun’s second wife, Wang Yeo-gun.

“I am dizzy.”

At Hye-ryang’s words, Chun Yujong mildly scolded her.

“Isnt that why grandfather told you to slow down? Look at you.”


Even if he was scolding her like that, she was a child he cherished, and it was obvious just by how gentle his eyes looked at her.

At that moment, a servant spoke from outside.

“Former Lord. The Lord has come.”

“He is here? Let him in.”


Hye-ryang looked at Chun Yujong’s face and asked,

“Why does grandfather make such a face when talking about my dad?”

At Hye-ryang’s question, Chun Yujong frowned. Did this child just look into his eyes?

Chun Yujong smiled softly.

“It is because grandfather is sorry to your father.”


Hye-ryang tilted her head. Chun Yujong stroked her head.


The door opened, and Chun Yeowun entered.


Hye-ryang ran into Chun Yeowun, who held her. Chun Yeowun embraced her like a daughter’s fool.

“My Ryang, did you have a good time with grandfather?”

“Uhuh! Grandfather read me a book and rode a horse too! Grandfather plays better than dad!”

Hye-ryang proudly said it. She was a child who really loved Chun Yujong.

“That is nice. But now it is late, and grandfather needs to rest for tomorrow.”

“Uh. I want to play more.”

Chun Yeowun stroked her head and said,

“Great Guardian.”


Behind him appeared a man with a unique mask, Marakum.


Seeing Marakum, Hye-ryang snorted as she cutely put her hands on her waist. It was an act to show that she didn’t like this. Marakum, who looked at her cute reaction, smiled.

“Miss. It is time~.”

“No! I don't want to! I want to play more with my grandfather.”



Marakum lifted her and put her on his shoulders. Then Hye-ryang, who was pouting earlier, began to squeak at it. She was a child who really liked horses.

“I will take her to the room.”


“I will leave. Miss.. woong!”


Marakum was now accustomed to dealing with children. Chun Yujong and Chun Yeowun looked at him, leaving.

After the two left, the room fell quiet. It was Chun Yeowun who broke the silence.


He reached for something in the shadows and pulled out something, and they were a wine bottle and two glasses.

Then he asked his father,

“Would you like a drink with me?”

“… sounds like a good idea.”

Chun Yujong answered awkwardly. Chun Yeowun just bluntly put down the bottle and glasses on the table. The drinking, which started then, continued all night.

A smile bloomed on the faces of the two men who were silently giving and receiving glasses.

This is the last chapter of Descent of the Demon God. This is the first novel we translated from start to finish, and we're very happy with it. Big thanks to all of our supporters and readers, who made this possible, to our wonderful staff—especially our translator.

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