Novel Name : The Young Master’s Bride

The Young Master’s Bride Chapter 1040: You’re too slow, I can’t wait

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Chapter 1040: You’re too slow, I can’t wait

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As she thought about it, she felt a wave of dizziness hit her. Chu Bai Qing closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat.

“Jue, I’m sleepy. I’m going to take a nap!” Chu Bai Qing’s voice was hoarse and drowsy.

Gu Jue glanced at Chu baiqing. He had fallen asleep.

He took his clothes from the back seat and put them on Chu baiqing.

When the car stopped, Chu baiqing woke up too. To be more precise, he had recovered from the shock.

The feeling of disgust was as if his entire body had been thrown into the air and then fell down heavily.

Chu baiqing also realized that his vision was getting blurry…

Chu baiqing pulled himself together and got out of the car. The moment the door closed, his feet left the ground.

And his entire body was lifted into the air …

Chu baiqing’s body fell into a familiar embrace and he subconsciously wrapped his arms around Gu J tie’s neck.

“You’re too slow, I can’t wait!”

Gu Jue watched as Chu baiqing sped off after he fell asleep. He thought Chu baiqing didn’t know, but in fact, he wasn’t sleeping at all.

Because Chu baiqing was not feeling well, his entire body was lazily laid out.

He did not act coy and just relaxed himself. His entire body was nestled in Gu

J tie’s arms and he allowed him to carry him home.

She went upstairs and went straight to the bedroom.

Just as Gu Jue was about to throw him onto the bed, Chu baiqing said,”take a shower.”

Even at this time, Chu Bai Qing’s obsession with cleanliness couldn’t break the habit.

Gu Jue heaved a sigh of relief and carried Gu Jue into the bathroom.

Gu Jue placed Chu baiqing tinder the shower.

When he kissed Chu baiqing passionately, he turned on the rain switch.

His warm breath sprayed onto the two of them.

In an instant, both of their clothes were soaked. Chu baiqing’s body was already weak, and he was forced to bear Gu Jue’s eagerness.

Gu Jue pressed Chu baiqing against the wall with all his might. He then began to take off Chu baiqing’s clothes, which were wet from the water.

It was difficult to unbutton his shirt, so Gu Jue tore Chu baiqing’s clothes off in frustration.

“Strip!” Gu Jue only cared about taking off Chu baiqing’s clothes. He was still wearing his own clothes, which was a waste of time.

Chu baiqing did not have the strength to help Gu Jue undress, but his hand still slipped from Gu Jue’s waist. No one knew if it was intentional or not, but his hand fell on the buckle of Gu Jue’s belt…

With a clack, the belt buckle was unbuckled.

Such a sound, in the misty bathroom, mixed with the heavy breathing, seemed so full of charm …

The overbearing and lingering kiss, the urgent comfort, everything happened so naturally.

This time, Chu baiqing was willing to do it, and Gu Jue did as he promised, very gently…

And this time-Gu Jue had already prepared a lubricant.

It would be a lie to say that it didn’t hurt. However, compared to the last time, it really didn’t hurt.

In fact, Chu baiqing struggled for a long time to let Gu Jue do it.

It was normal for the two of them to do such things together.

Moreover, Gu Jue felt uncomfortable holding it in.

It didn’t matter whether he did it earlier or later, so it was actually nothing.

However, Chu baiqing had underestimated Gu Jue’s endurance.

From the bathroom to the bedroom …

After the third time, Chu baiqing felt that it was enough. However, Gu Jue still felt that it was not enough.

He was still in a state of excitement and could not stop at all….

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