Novel Name : My Wife is a Hacker by Summer

My Wife is a Hacker by Summer Chapter 3041

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Chapter 3041Chapter 3041

A series of knocks echoed as Lulu and Patricia entered. "Nicole, the documents," Lulu said, placing

them down.

"Leave them here," Nicole instructed.

"Ms. Riddle, was that..." Patricia hesitated.

Nicole calmly replied, "Zane. He'll send someone over." "Just for Everett?" Patricia was surprised. She

couldn't believe they had to go to such lengths just for Everett.

"Everett is just the start,’ Nicole added with a meaningful tone. Or rather, Everett was just a catalyst for

a real investigation to address the Eastern Falcon issue once and for all.

"Just inform me if you need assistance, Ms. Riddle," Patricia said, her tone turning more serious.

"Don't fret, even if there are missions, they won't assign US anything too critical," Nicole said, lifting her

gaze to Patricia with a gentle expression.

"Yes," Patricia respectfully replied.

As Nicole watched Patricia leave, she opened the documents and resumed her work.

Two days flew by. The initial batch of raw materials had safely reached the port and was stored in

Warehouse 3.

Patricia reported, "The second batch will arrive tomorrow, and I'll be overseeing it." "Good,” Nicole said,

a hint of satisfaction in her eyes."Finally, the issue is sorted. The upcoming shipments will be on time, and the project won't face any

delays," Lulu said joyfully.

Nicole nodded, "Have the engineering department keep a close eye on the project." "Sure, I'll remind

them," Lulu agreed.

"Ms. Riddle, I'll head straight to the port tomorrow morning and stay until everything is stored in the

warehouse before coming back to report to you," Patricia said.

"Okay," Nicole agreed.

"Then I'll get back to work," Patricia said, turning to leave the office.

Observing Patricia's departure, Lulu turned to Nicole and remarked, "Hey, do you feel like Patricia has

changed a bit these past few days?" "Like what?" Nicole asked, slightly furrowing her brow, as she

hadn't noticed.

Lulu thought for a moment and said, "It's not exactly a change, or perhaps it's more accurate to say

she's reverted to how she was before."

It seemed Patricia had grown as indifferent as when she first arrived, with work appearing to be her

sole focus.

Nicole's eyes narrowed, as Lulu's observation reminded her that Patricia had indeed been acting this

way lately. However, given the surge in workload, Nicole had assumed it was natural for Patricia to be

more engrossed in work, so she hadn't paid much attention.

Lulu bit her lip and asked, "You don't think she and Ellar have really called it quits, do you?" Feeling it

would be a shame if that were the case, she pondered, 'Maybe we should do something.'Noticing Lulu's thoughts, Nicole advised, "Let's leave this matter for them to handle."

In Nicole’s perspective, matters of the heart were best left for the individuals involved to navigate on

novelbintheir own.

"I just think it's a pity if there's no progress in their relationship," Lulu sighed.

"If they're meant to be for each other, they won't miss out on each other," Nicole said with a gentle


"You're right," Lulu nodded in agreement. "I just feel sorry for them, but I won't do anything."

After all, no one could really figure out what Patricia was thinking, and Lulu didn't want to make things

awkward for everyone involved.

"Go on and get busy," Nicole said with a cheerful smile.

"Okay," said Lulu, turning to leave as well.

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