Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3555

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Chapter 3555Oscar accompanied Jared in preparing to dismantle the arcane array, while Ilias, not wanting to disturb

them, chose to depart.

Several members of the Henningsen family stood guard outside Holy Pond, so Ilias wasn’t concerned

about Oscar and Jared attempting to escape.

After Ilias left, Jared didn’t immediately proceed with destroying the formation. Instead, he carefully

observed the intricate arcane array surrounding them.

He noticed that the arcane array had already been weakened, as if someone had partially damaged it.

However, the core of the arcane array remained untouched, keeping it active.

“Let’s proceed with destroying the arcane array. Once it’s destroyed, everything else can be

negotiated,” Oscar informed Jared.

As Oscar finished speaking, he suddenly felt a strong gust of wind behind him. Instinctively, without

turning, he lowered his head and quickly rolled forward.

When Oscar looked up, he saw Tyler glaring at him with anger.

“Traitor! I will teach you a lesson on behalf of the Summers family,” Tyler gritted his teeth and launched

another palm strike.

“Tyler, it’s a misunderstanding…” Oscar anxiously dodged, but he was no match for Tyler.

If it weren’t for him secretly manipulating Tyler’s actions by exploiting Tyler’s carelessness, Oscar

wouldn’t have been able to capture Tyler.

“Stop…” Jared intervened, blocking Tyler.It wasn’t the right time to kill Oscar. They were still in the Henningsen residence, so none of them could

act recklessly.

“Hmph, Mr. Vilhelm, you’re assisting the evildoer, betraying the Summers family. Today, I’ll kill both of

you!” Tyler was infuriated to see Vilhelm there.

“Mr. Summers, it’s me!” Jared quickly revealed his identity when he realized Tyler was about to attack


An aura surrounded Jared, allowing him to gradually regain his original appearance.

“Mr. Chance?” Tyler was confused to see Jared there.

“Mr. Summers, please conceal your aura. We don’t want to attract the attention of the Henningsen

family,” Jared advised Tyler.

At this moment, Tyler was consumed with rage, causing his aura to fluctuate wildly. If the Henningsen

family were to notice, they would undoubtedly come to investigate.

Upon hearing Jared’s explanation, Tyler suppressed his aura and asked with confusion, “Mr. Chance,

what’s going on?”

Jared explained the entire incident to Tyler.

Oscar quickly stepped forward, saying, “Tyler, I really don’t want Ilias to capture you or cause any harm

to you.”

Tyler snorted coldly, casting a sidelong glance at Oscar.

Tyler probably wouldn’t be able to forgive Oscar for the time being.“Mr. Summers, regardless of the current situation between you and your brother, you must not engage

in a conflict here. If there are any issues, we can resolve them back at the Summers family. Right now,

we need to help the Henningsen family destroy this arcane array and find a way to leave. Once we’re

away from the Henningsen family, things will be easier,” Jared advised Tyler.

Tyler understood that they were essentially in a dangerous situation at the moment, and a wrong move

could trap them.

Moreover, Jacques was still in Ilias’s grasp. If anything happened here, Jacques’s life might be at risk.

“As you say, Mr. Chance.”

Tyler decided to follow Jared’s plan.

“Okay. First, let’s destroy this arcane array, and then we can take our time to discuss what comes next,”

Jared told them.

“Mr. Chance, this arcane array must be destroyed within three days. Otherwise, Ilias will target my

son,” Tyler emphasized.

novelbin“Don’t worry, destroying this arcane array won’t take three days. I’ll have it done by tomorrow,” Jared

confidently assured.

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